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3 Tips To Prevent Burnout

3 Tips To Prevent Burnout

After the last few years, burnouts are more common than ever for people living around the world. But what exactly is a “burnout”, and how can you prevent it?

Burnout is characterized as emotional, physical and mental exhaustion as a result of being overworked, overwhelmed or having a decreased sense of accomplishment.

Here are 3 ways you can identify yourself burning out and how to prevent it.

Tip #1– Self Reflect

Becoming aware that you are or might be becoming burnt out is the number one step to fixing the problem.

Have you been feeling overworked? Do you find yourself not being able to shut your brain off after a long day?


Allow yourself time to reflect on how you’ve been feeling—stressed, anxious, exhausted, etc.—and how you would like to fix it.

What made you happy, relaxed or less anxious in the past? Find ways to allow yourself to go back to those moments.

It might help to reach out to a trusted friend, family member or colleague for some assistance. Fighting burnout on your own will only result in more stress and pressure.

Tip #2– Include daily enjoyable “time-outs” during your day

After a long and tiring day, it’s undeniable to not feel burnt out.

Take a break before, during, or after your grueling tasks and get back into a hobby or activity that makes you happy.

Whether this is reading a book, going for a jog, or simply catching up on the latest episode of your favorite tv series.

We owe it to ourselves to still enjoy the hobbies and activities that make us happy and take a “time-out” from reality.

Tip #3—Listen to your body

As a matter of fact, your body will actually tell you what you have been lacking.

Whether it’s lack of sleep, not having enough social interactions with others or not eating a healthy and balanced meal, your body will physically be calling out for a break.

Listen to what your body needs and focus on getting yourself healthy. Your job, class or whatever is causing you to burnout is not as important as your overall physical, mental or emotional health.

We owe it to ourselves to take care of our mind and body, especially after all it is accomplished and endured during the ups and downs of life.


By recognizing these warning signs and using these tips to prevent burnouts, you can quickly nip the burnout in the butt and feel more like yourself again.

LinkedIn: @Kristen Gesicki