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Catch USA is a marketing agency specializing in bringing our clients products to life. Based in Columbus, we had a vision in mind: connect brands with end-consumers in a personable fashion, with a smile and a handshake.


Our focus approach is the development and execution of marketing campaigns in the form of events and trade shows—any way the customer can experience our clients products and purchase it.


The events industry has many advantages, the main one being the physical interaction customers can have with our clients brands. We are the link that will bring our clients’ brands in front  of potential customers minds with exciting product demonstrations in high traffic events.

Making changes in the industry

Our clients love our approach when we bring their brand into the market through carefully planned events. We are not there just for product demonstration or brand awareness, but rather customer acquisition and building hype.


We have one purpose, and that is to generate business. Successful brands don’t survive in the marketplace because people know about their brand, they survive because people buy into their brand—which is what we do.


Are you ready to see your brand achieve the goals you envision?